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One of the main reasons why there are so many empty industrial and warehouse units available is because companies have been making less as there had been reduced demands for their goods in Clementi Ave 1 Condo. The industrial sector has been hit by falling demand for its products for five consecutive months now. With industrial companies not making so many things or items they have no need for extra storage to store goods in industrial and warehouse units until their sales performance begin to improve yet again in UOL Clementi Ave 1 Condo.

Therefore with such Singland Homes Clementi Ave 1 Condo factors being considered going into the next 12 months tenants will continue to have the pick of the market to chose from. Bearing that in mind landlords are going to have to lower prices as tenants will often have the option to switch to other sites where the prices are already lower.

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Indeed a recent survey confirms that Singapore Land Singland Homes tenants are going to have the upper hand over the short-term at the very least. It surveyed three planning areas and then discovered that leasing transactions have been generally declining over the space of the last three quarters. Take Sembawang as an example, there the median rents decreased from $1.31 psf/mo at the start of the first quarter down to $1.24 in the present quarter.

The majority of West Coast Plaza UOL Condo owners of such industrial units have lost money on their investments, and many are seeking to cut their loses as soon as they can. When they decided to invest in these units the developers promised them a return of $4.00 yet at the moment the average income has declined to 2.4% and looks set to fall further. So it is no wonder that the owners are seeking to sell in a real hurry. In order to do just that they are resorting to selling their units via auctions.

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The owners who have not had any rental income at all have been the ones most likely to resort to selling their industrial units by auction. This year 115 of these units have been sold at auction. That figure represents a massive 83.3% increase from last year.

Some of those Singapore Land Singland Homes units have had to be sold due to the owners having debt problems. Of the total sales 33 were for non owners seeking to recover debts, which is 15 more than last years total of 18.

However not all the owners that have sold the units at auction have made a loss. A fair number of them have still made a profit, especially those who brought the units before prices started to soar at the end of 2011.

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A recent study of these industrial unit UOL Clementi Ave 1 Condo auctions found that only a small minority of the owners had failed to make any money from the buying and selling of their units. Those that had lost money had invested in their units when the prices were at their peak.

Tenants but not owners / landlords are helped by the amount of GFA becoming available. This quarter it is an extra 1.1 million sq ft, and next year a bumper 7.6 million sq ft of new GFA will be available. That will give Clementi Avenue One Condo tenants even more choice of what and where to rent. It also means that owners will have to offer discounted rates to tempt tenants towards lease their properties instead of someone else.