Waterbay Serangoon

How many Bedrooms do desire or need?
Here is Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon you can get your choice from a 1 to 5 bedroom condominiums and in two flavors one facing Sungei Seragoon and the other facing Upper Seragoon Way itself.

The best views are available on the sixth floor and above that give you a magnificent unrestricted view of the surrounding area. If you would like copies of the floor plans, you can find them here:

http://www.kingsfordwaterbay.com.sg/floor-plans/. Here they will be happy to send you the latest information on the current styles of floorplans for your perusal.

Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon

You can still get your choice of a great condominium with a view of your choice.

Project Details
This is a new Development Project and you will be getting in on the ground floor of a new and exciting lifestyle for you and your family.

Planning for you and your family’s future is important and with Singapore’s growing economic future and influence in the Pacific Rim the future looks bright for starting a family and a life in this newest of residential development areas.

You need to look carefully at your future plans and you fill find that taking advantage of this opportunity now is a an investment in you family’s future you need to avail yourself of before it is gone as the land in this area is being snapped up at a record rate.

Buyers looking at Waterbay Serangoon

World Markets are stagnating and Kingsford Waterbay Serangoon is also an investment in the future

China’s housing boom is cooling off.
Land in Thailand is slow and unrest in the country is not conducive to housing market right now.
Vietnam is promising reform and incentives for home. But, so far, nothing has materialized.
Korea is still in the Throes of an economic recovery and political unrest and the north’s saber rattling has people worried about their futures.
Japan has an economy that is still rattled after the economic fallout from the tsunami natural disaster and the Fukushima nuclear leak aftewrmath that resulted. Also, constant bickering in the government and an inability to resolve disputes with her neighbors makes for a poor housing bet.
Malaysia’s government has gotten more restrictive of late and price controls and tax hikes threaten capital gains for Waterbay Serangoon.
New Zealand is a bright spot on the landscape and prospects are getting better, but they aren’t there yet.
Australia is looking at Singapore and Kingsford Waterbay as an investment opportunity for its investors. This could mean Real Estate opportunism there are sparse.

Waterbay Serangoon Singapore Upper Serangoon

This leaves Singapore as one of the leaders in the region and in the next few years this trend with continue as Singapore is still at the crossroads of commerce for the world and the world’s business funnels through this island nation for sale in Waterbay Serangoon

The Waterbay Serangoon area of Singapore is a hotbed of residential development that the world has taken notice of and Kingsford Waterbay is at the forefront of this attention. Singapore is seen as the place to be in the coming year for economic and business growth.

While the housing market in the rest of the Pacific Rim is slowing and is the same as Waterbay Serangoon. Singapore’s market is still growing and now you have the opportunity to stake out you claim for you and your family by getting a 1,2,3,4,or even a 5 bedroom condominium before the wave passes you by and you having to work even harder in future years to find it’s like again

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