Twin Vew Jurong Central Business District Condo

Real estate market Tampines Ave 11 Condo often provides a great platform to invest in. In most cases, the value of a property appreciates with time. The demand for housing and settlement still remains a great challenge and therefore a problem virtually in every town and city. And not just any type of housing, but that one which provides a quality living and is cheaper. That is to say, there are various factors such as affordability that are increasingly shaping the real estate business.

China Construction Development South Pacific Twin Vew

This is a 99-years leasehold real estate development whose construction Emerald of Katong is spearheaded by China construction. The building company, which won the construction tender, has been synonymous with various construction projects over the years. The Twin Vew Jurong project is situated in West Coast Vale, adjacent to the Jurong Lake District. The site area and the Gross floor area of the Twin Vew project are 16,378 Sqm and 45,860 sqm respectively. The number of blocks and the number of storeys are still to be decided, subject to an advice from the required entity or authority. In terms of the number of units, it is projected that around 520 are to be put up. A selling price of between $1,200 -$1,300 psf has been projected.

Twin Vew West Coast Vale Condo

Urban centers, developed areas, have always attracted people for a number of reasons. Chief among the reasons/factors being; the presence of an elaborate and efficient transport and communication network, the presence of market (goods and services) provided because of the number of people, availability of proper health and educational centers and presence of various other amenities.
The factors influencing the location of Twin Vew development project in Singapore were no different to the aforementioned. For example, in terms of schools within the area, there are Clementi Primary School, Tanglin Secondary School and Qifa Primary school. For your groceries and other shopping needs, there are a number of malls including CityVibe, Westgate and The Clementi. For transport, there are buses and taxis, complementing the Jurong East and Clementi MRT station.

Jurong Central Business District Condo

The site plan for the development has been able to take care of the natural environment, tranquil, and it has a perfect view over the bustling West Coast area. What you will notice is that the site plan is able to cater for the construction of various facilities which will be equally crucial during the course of your stay in the area. For example, swimming pool, children playground, Indoor gym and BBQ conveniences are taken care of.

The Twin Vew West Coast Vale units that are available range from 1 to 4.Each of those units have a floor plan which differs greatly from another. In addition, it is imperative to note that the developer is at liberty to change the floor plans as he/she sees fit. Having a number of floor plans to choose from gives you options to choose the one that fits you.
In conclusion, a full copy of the floor plans and exhaustive information on the units available can be made to you upon request. The usages of documents provided to you are subject to terms and conditions which you must be able to understand first.