The Terrace EC

By now you’ve hear of the rapid development of the Punggol New Town Area and how it will be the new hub for Urban living here in Singapore.

You have wanted to get in on this new development, but were not sure of how or even thought it was possible. It is and you can!

Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting urban hub in the making with The Terrace EC. Here you can still purchase a luxuriously appointed condominium at an affordable price with one of the most exclusive launches in the Singapore housing market.

In this article, we are going to answer all your questions about The Terrace EC, its many amenities. We will let you know what you need to do to take advantage of this once in lifetime opportunity.

What Makes the EC Terrace Special?

Q: How is the Terrace EC Designed?
A: The Terrace EC is made up of consists of 12 17-story towers.

Q: How many condominiums are available in the complex?
A: We have 747 units.

Q: Does this location have any advantages?
A: Yes, This gives it easy access to a nearby expressway. Therefore, the view is unobstructed for a great view of Punggol.

Q: Where is the nearest LRT line?
A: The Terrace EC is adjacent to the Kadloor LRT.

Q: Is there a MRT station one nearby?
A: The complex is close to the Ponggol MRT station.

Q: Is Bus service close as well?
A: A Convenient bus route is within a short walk and it connects to a major bus terminal.

What Make these Condos so Special?
Q: How many different styles of condominiums are there available?
A: 16 different floor plans are available to choose from.

Q: Could you give some examples?
A: The available floor plans ranging from a five bedroom Penthouse Suites to a modest three-bedroom designs.

Q: Are there any with extra special features?
A: Many of the 3 bedroom premium units have their own Privately Enclosed Space (PES).

Q: Can I find one I’ll like?
A: With 16 defend floor plans to choose from you will be able to pick just the right condominium that fits your tastes and lifestyle.

Q: What percentages of the total number of units make up the Terrace EC complex?
A: 3-bedroom premium condominiums in various styles makeup a little over 70% of the available units.

Q: Are there any 4-bedroom condominiums available?
A: 26% of the 747 units are four-bedroom luxurious condominiums>

Q: Do any of these have PES?
A: Yes, you can also have a 4-bedroom condominium with its own privately enclosed space.

Q: What if I want an extra special condominium?
A: There are 10 spectacular 5-bedroom penthouses, which are located on the 17th flr. of the towers. These Luxury Penthouses give their owners an ultra spectacular view of the surrounding Punggol and the waterway area.
They are the ultimate in luxury private styling and offer magnificent amenities.

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4 Terraces to provide variety to enjoy different lifestyles

Q: Are the 4 terraces different from each other?
A: Yes, Each is based on a certain theme and all the amenities are focused in this theme.

Q: What is the one nearest the waterway called?
A: It is simply call The Water Front Terrace.

Q: What are the amenities one might experience there?
A: A Waterfront gym and Sports Bar are two that come to mind.

Q: Is there anything available for the younger generation to do?
A: How about a Games Center that is located here, which provides a full range of activities that young people can enjoy.

Q: What about the next Terrace further up?
A: That would be the Boardwalk Terrace.

Q: What could I do here?
A: Here you can swim in the specially designed Origami swimming pool.

Q: What else is there that would spark someone’s interest?
A: There are also Karaoke rooms.

Q: What if I wanted a quieter time?
A: If you like quieter pursuits, a reading lounge is located nearby, which has an unobstructed view of the pool and surrounding venue.

Q: What does the highest terrace Provide?
A: The 4th and final terrace is made for a peaceful and relaxing enjoyment and is our Meditation Terrace.

Q: What makes this terrace so unique?
A: Peace and serenity is the purpose of this terrace and Yoga is its main theme.

Q: How so?
A: you can practice Yoga on a specially design Yoga Deck.

Q: Is that all?
A: No, Try our meditation
area by a quiet stream.

Q: This sounds interesting, is there more?
A: Yes, you can relax and enjoy the Hammock Lounge, where you can lounge under the sun and feel the cooling breezes off the waterway and enjoy a picnic lunch on the Terrace’s Picnic Lawn.

Terraced living has many amenities for the Kids too!

Q: What is there for a child to do on a hot day?
A: They could play and splash in the Kid’s Pool.

Q: Is it safe?
A: It is fully supervised for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

Q: Are there any other attractions for the kids?
A: We have the following special amenities just for the young here at Terrace EC and they start with:

Children’s Gym Pool
Enrichment for arts and crafts
Special activities Hillhaven are scheduled each day to enrich their knowledge and new exciting skills in our Kid’s Multifunction room.
Smaller children can play in our fully supervised playroom.

This allows you to have some breathing space to enjoy some quiet time to regain your center.

What Can I do with this new free time while the kids are at play?
Q: What is up for me now that I have some time away from the kids?
A: The Origami pool is one suggestion or maybe one of the following is more to your liking:

50 m Beach Pool and Changing area with showers attached.
A tanning sundeck to relax and soak in the sun.
Beach Cabanas
Barbecue in one of the 2 BBQ areas.
Dance Studio
Waterfront Gym.
Floating Deck
Eat at the Sports Ba
Play in the Games Room.

Q: What if I want to hold a party, wedding shower, or other event?
A: We have a gigantic clubhouse facility where you can hold special activities.

The Terrace EC sounds so exciting, what do I do next?
The Future is here, your plans already involve you moving with the future growth of Singapore, and so it is only fitting you live in the heart of the new urban hub of the fastest growing economy on the Pacific Rim

Your life is moving into the future and the future is here at The Terrace EC

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