Liang Court Located at Clarke Quay Close to Singapore River

Liang Court is an old shopping mall situated within the vicinity of Clarke Quay, in the Singapore River. It used to be part of an extensive mixed-use development which included the renowned hotel Somerset Liang Court Residences and the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This mall is one of the few remaining examples of Singapore’s early planning. The mall was designed by prominent architect Le Roy Smith. Smith is also responsible for the design of the Singapore Art Museum and the soon to open Marina Bay Sands.

Despite its impressive architecture, the mall has been completely revamped in order to accommodate the ever growing demands from its patrons. A recent renovation included a major revamp of the retail and dining areas as well as the concourses. There are many major brands that have stores inside the mall. The mall has also been successful in bringing high-end fashion houses to the neighborhood. In this article we take a look at some of the wonderful shops that are found inside.

Located directly in front of the entrance of the mall, Shoppers can enjoy a variety of exclusive brands in the form of shoes, jewelry and electronic goods. There are many trendy boutiques located here. In addition to the exclusive boutiques, there are many cheaper ones in the area. The Cheap Cinema and The Mall of Asia are two of the many Asian movie theatres that can be found here.

There are many popular local cuisines in Singapore including Malay food, Chinese regional cuisine, Indian cuisine and the ever popular local cuisine known as Mango. There are also a number of international dishes made by Chinese chefs. A visit to the Tio Pindad restaurant inside the mall is sure to please the taste buds with their delicious Chinese food. For some reason, Orchard Condo Tio Pindad seems to always be one of the most popular restaurants in town. They also serve the famous Singaporean dim sum, which is rumoured to have the best tasting food in town.

The story of the mall goes back to the year 1989 when the first Chinese restaurant opened in what is today known as Liang Court. At the time, there was very little Chinese food available in the area and so the local businessmen decided to open up a small Chinese restaurant here in order to increase the income that could be generated in the area. Slowly but surely, the popularity of the mall began to grow with the passing years. Today it caters to a variety of nationalities from across the globe. If you happen to be looking for a good Chinese restaurant or a good Chinese cuisine in Singapore, then the Liang Court would be your best bet.

If you are looking for a place that offers affordable prices, then look no further than Liang Court. With more than a hundred shops, it is hard to find something to fit your budget. It is also very convenient to walk around and do some window shopping – no need to worry about the traffic and long hours of standing in the hot sun during lunch! You will also not feel bored as there are a lot of interesting shops to browse through. There is a wide range of merchandise to choose from ranging from sunglasses and jewellery to garments and electronics.

As mentioned earlier, there is a great variety of Chinese restaurants in Singapore. However, out of these, only a few have managed to achieve the status of ‘best’. To join the club, you must try the Beijinger Chinese restaurant at Clarke Quay or Ma BBQ at Little India.

If you have never experienced the wonderful service and the quality of food in a Chinese restaurant, then you really need to try one such place. In a word, the food is worth the trip alone. Try the crab cake or the hot and sour chicken if you are not up to trying out a new Chinese cuisine. The ambience is also very pleasant and lends an air of sophistication and culture. The staff, mostly Mandarin Chinese, do not speak a lot of English but they are very friendly and serve you with plenty of cups of tea and a great variety of snacks.